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How To Make Your Home "Smart"

Lee Ritchie

Meet Lee Ritchie, your trusted ally in the vibrant Columbus Metro Area real estate market...

Meet Lee Ritchie, your trusted ally in the vibrant Columbus Metro Area real estate market...

Jun 13 4 minutes read

One of the hottest Christmas gifts in 2017 was the Amazon Echo.  This futurist device is reminiscent of childhood memories watching the TV show " The Jetsons" where George and Jane Jetson enjoyed a life of domestic efficiency with "21st Century" technology.  As the popularity of this new device grows, the list of creative ideas on how to use the Echo is growing - so are the jokes and puns as highlighted in this hilarious SNL Skit.  

Whether you have already purchased an Amazon Echo or you are curious about this new technology, we've compiled a list of suggested features that will help your home experience "Jetson-Style" domestic efficiency.   

Amazon Echo (shortened and referred to as Echo) is a brand of smart speakers developed by The device connects to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which responds to the name "Alexa".   Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. ... Amazon Echo also provides hands-free voice control to Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.  Plus, Echo is Bluetooth-enabled so you can stream other popular music services like iTunes from your phone or tablet.

 The Amazon Echo (aka "Alexa") can do so much more with a little help from these top six products! 

1. Light Switches 

Alexa enabled light switches allow you to customize settings and moods for all the lights in your house...even patio lights! 

Click here to browse smart light switches 

2. Smart Plugs  

Imagine, you're arms are full of freshly washed laundry that needs to be ironed, simply tell Alexa to turn on the iron and it will start heating up!  Plug anything into an Alexa enabled outlet for hands-free use!

Click here to browse smart plug options

3. Nest Systems

Nest Home Systems have so many capabilities and as an added bonus, it can connect to your Amazon Echo!  Those hot summer days will be made easy with a simple "Hey Alexa!"

Click here to browse Nest Home Systems

4. Robotic Vacuums

This may be my favorite on the list!  Simply ask Alexa to start your Roomba or other robotic vacuum and before you know it, you'll have clean floors! {see more Cats on Roomba's here)

Click here to browse Robotic Vacuums

5. Smart Locks 

We've all had that moment of despair when you've finally get comfy in bed and you realize you forgot to lock your front door. With Alexa's help, you can lock it from the comfort of your bed!

Click here to browse smart locks

6. Air Quality Filters

It's Thanksgiving and you forgot to tell Alexa to set a timer for your turkey. There's smoke everywhere and your mother-in-law will be arriving shortly.  Just ask Alexa to turn on your air filter and you'll have crisp, clean air in no time! 

Click here to browse Smart Air Filters

Making your home a smart home can help make your busy day to day life a breeze!   If you're looking for a place to call home, start your search here!

Check out even more commands, skills, and tips! 

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