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To-Dos: Your August Home Checklist

Lee Ritchie

Meet Lee Ritchie, your trusted ally in the vibrant Columbus Metro Area real estate market...

Meet Lee Ritchie, your trusted ally in the vibrant Columbus Metro Area real estate market...

Jan 24 5 minutes read

It's evident August is coming to an end when everyone begins storing their lawn chairs, putting their sunglasses away and bracing themselves for the first few days of fall. 

So what's the best way to savor these last few days of summer? Do a few home projects that ultimately prepare you for the whirlwind that hits in fall. 

We have 13 suggestions that we think you should add into your August plan. Take your pick! 

13 Things to Check Off Your List

1. Clean and store summer gear

Once the fact that summer days are behind us hits you, consider cleaning all your summer gear so that it's ready to go next year when the sun begins to shine through. Get rid of anything broken and replace them with an end-of-the-season sale!

2. Set up a shared family calendar 

Fall comes in like a hurricane and life gets BUSY. Having a calendar, wheter you choose a big paper wall calendar or a digital version, helps to keep track of important dates and events and keeps everyone on the same page (literally!) 

3. Clear the way for easy weeknight dinners 

Our kitchen is one of the first places to become cluttered. You find yourself jamming new groceries into your full fridge and stacking snacks in the crowded pantry. Get rid of expired foods, clean out the fridge and donate unwanted foods from the pantry!

4. Share your backyard harvest. 

Do you have summer produce that you need to get rid of? Gather a basket of your tomatoes and squash and offer them to your neighbors or drop them off at a local food pantry seeking extra produce!

5. Organize family photos

Print out the new pictures from your summer adventure and back up your digital photos to keep for a lifetime. Show them off in frames, photo books or create a super stylish collage!

 Great Home Project: How to Organize Your Digital Photos

6. Clean carpets and floors

Pretty self explanatory but floors withstand a lot of sand and dirt that's tracked in throughout the summer months following outdoor activities. Vacuuming and mopping will make you feel ten times better! 

7. Get organized for back to school (and work)

Do the kids run in and throw their bags and coats on the floor? Are papers flying around? Install some hooks in the entryway (even personalize them!) or set up a folder for each family member to keep things organized and neat.  

8. Check emergency kits

Be sure to double check expiration dates on all materials and replace any that need it. Do this monthly to ensure you're prepared for the worst!  

Get Organized: First Aid, Emergency and Medical Supply

9. Organize closets before fall shopping

Before going back to school (or back to work) shopping, clean out your closet. Get rid of anything you don't wear and organize them according to season. By knowing what you need when you shop, you'll save yourself money, time and clutter!  

How to Finally Tackle Your Closet’s Critical Mess

10. Schedule some do-nothing time

Sometimes we forget to sit back and enjoy some time to ourselves. Be sure to put time on your calendar for doing nothing, too! Have a cup of tea, watch your favorite show or read a few chapters of your favorite book.

11. Clean and organize the garage

Aside from the kitchen, the garage can become the space that stores everything... that is, until there's no space left. While you may need a dumpster for this project, it's important to assess where you can take certain items. Winter approaches fast so having a clear garage to keep your car warm and snow-free should be a priority!

12. Finish up outdoor projects

As we've mentioned, the warm, summer days are soon behind us. Be sure to take advantage of the weather to complete any unfinished projects such as cleaning the gutters or adding a deck.

13. Check your home for signs of pests

Nobody likes the idea of having pests invade their beloved home which is exactly why it's so important to be proactive. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends taking preventive measures such as removing sources of food, water and shelter, and closing off places where pests can enter and hide. If you do need to use pesticides, choose the lowest-risk product first, and use according to the directions. If you hire a pest control pro, ask him or her to use bait, and crack and crevice control when possible; fogging should be a last resort.

Did we miss anything? 

What’s on YOUR to-do list this August?

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